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My Abscessed Tooth

    I had an infected tooth that required an extraction, bone regeneration, and eventually an implant and crown. I was very anxious about it all. Before the appointment, I took one homeopathic remedy (hereafter called ‘remedy’) to deal with the coming discomfort of stretched lips and the added stress to my jaw. To calm my nerves and reduce anxiety, I took a different remedy.

     Once in the chair, the dentist placed the rubber dam in my mouth forcing it wide open, stretching my jaw. Then he administered the anesthetic, and the dental team went to work. The appointment concluded with a final x-ray and I was sent on my way. I was grateful to have my special ‘trip home kit’ in the car (more on that later).

     Upon arriving home I took a remedy to counteract effects of the x-rays (see 'X-ray/Homeopathy'). 

     To minimize inflammation, swelling, bruising and pain I applied my recipe of essential oils, a cold pack regiment and another remedy. I also applied a herbal plant poultice. The sooner I started the better!

     In due course I took yet a different remedy to counteract the anesthetic (see 'Anesthetic Counteracted').

     To reduce the risk of secondary infection, I used an oral natural antiseptic spray (more on that later).

     The dentist prescribed antibiotics which, unfortunately, also kills the beneficial with the harmful bacteria and caused diarrhea and nausea. To combat this I used specific probiotics and select remedies to provided beneficial bacteria to rebuild my immune system.


  • Calm during the procedure
  • Minimal discomfort/pain in recovery
  • No pain medication required
  • Minimal inflammation, swelling, and bruising 
  • Minimal diarrhea and nausea from antibiotics
  • No secondary infection
  • Quick recovery
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