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     Having experienced extensive dental procedures, our journey was significantly benefited by the care we took before and following.

     As previously shown, the biological dentist who performed our procedures was impressed with our recoveries. He encouraged me to record my holistic, natural, methods so others could benefit. This I did and arranged into a downloadable document.

     This document addresses the followup-care for patients facing dental work. It provides easy to follow instructions and recommendations of products. 

     The information therein represents years of research, study, exploration, and experience incorporated into our lifestyle. To recover some of those costs it is necessary to charge a very small fee – $7.00 USD – which allows you to print the 11 pages of easy-to-follow information. This will guide you, or those in your care, through the recovery process. Please respect copyright.

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The download will open after the payment is accepted. Be sure to safe it to your computer.

The information in this website represents our experiences and is not to replace proper medical care. Use of these suggestions 
remains the responsibility of the user. Everyone’s body and present level of health is unique. Choose what works for you. 


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